SZA's had one of the most notable glow ups of 2017. She went from one of the artists on Top Dawg Entertainment that stood behind Kendrick Lamar to being a star in her own right. After she dropped CTRL, she officially made her mark on the music industry. It was a monumental feat for her. She caught the attention of some of the biggest players in the music industry. Since then, she's been carrying the flame and bringing her music to a wider audience in different places across the globe. However, one of the most prominent aspects of her come-up occurred yesterday when it was revealed she was nominated for five Grammys. 

SZA took to Instagram to share a moving message about her recent Grammy nominations. She revealed some of the struggles she's dealt with throughout her life, whether it was being poor to self-esteem to her grandmothers death. However, the aspect of her self-esteem during the creation of CTRL played a serious part in her post. When she started making the album, she says she begged Top Dawg's Punch for writers out of doubt that her own words wouldn't resonate with people and the fact she didn't have "hits or a quantifiable 'sound'."

"I️ remember feeling like damn, maybe I suck. Maybe I️ should try something else? Maybe I’m just wasting space. Life’s weird," she wrote, "I️ didn’t have any friends growing up. Never gave my parents an opportunity to say, “Wow my kids killing it.” Didn’t graduate or do any fly shit before my Nana died. Been fired from every job I️ ever had."

She revealed that she begged Punch to not drop the album because she couldn't take the embarrassment. However, he ignored her attempts to push it back and told her she'd be fine.

"This entire thing puts my wildest dreams to shame. I️ dunno what to say cause I️ dunno how to accept its even happening to me lol," she wrote, "I’ve never won anything in my life until this week even (THANK YOU SOULTRAIN AWARDS!!)."

SZA's been nominated for five Grammys. She's nominated for Best New Artist, Best Urban Contemporary Album, Best R&B Performance for "The Weekend," Best R&B Song for "Supermodel" and Best Rap/Sung Performance "Love Galore."

Check her full statement below: