SZA had one of the breakout performances of the year on her album Ctrl, a hazy, magical R&B journey through the mind of an artist who clearly has a lot of offer to the music industry as a whole. However, if you asked her, the singer might not have the greatest opinion of the music reporting media right now, specifically with famed entertainment publication Rolling Stone. Earlier this week, SZA used Twitter as a means to issue a clap back to the media outlet for their description of Ctrl which she felt wasn't quite accurate.

In their list of the 50 Best Albums of 2017RS proceeded to revisit the idea that SZA had made at least one anthem of the side chick variety on her debut LP. The exact quote reads as follows: "From a side-chick manifesto ('The Weekend') to the appreciation of a rom-com icon that mulls the singer's own self-worth ('Drew Barrymore'), SZA flourishes in her own hazy spotlight." While your mileage may vary with the side chick comparison, the lyrics of "The Weekend" carry with them more than a small hint of being someone's back-up plan. Take a look at an excerpt from the track's first verse below and judge for yourself.

You say you got a girl
How you want me?
How you want me when you got a girl?
The feelin' is reckless
Of knowin' it's selfish
And knowin' I'm desperate
Gettin' all in your love
Fallin' all over love, like
Do it 'til it hurts less

All that being said, SZA clearly wasn't happy, voicing her displeasure in a tweet that reads as follows: "Lol when rolling stone says u make side chick anthems . Despite clearly explaining urself over and over again [...]" The frustration wasn't just the singer's to bear either, with several fans of hers turning up to chime in with similar reactions. Check out some of those below.

Rolling Stone has not issued any comment or reaction to SZA's tweet but, as the saying goes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Do you think she's on point with her remarks? Or is she totally off base with what she said? Sound off in the comments.