Finally, we hear some good news concerning DMX. After plenty of legal troubles, and even a judge denying DMX's filing bankruptcy, things may start looking up for the rapper, as he's working on a new album, to be executive produced by a familiar face, Swizz Beatz.

We heard in October that Swizz and X were in the lab together, but it looks like they're working on more than just a few songs as previously reported. While talking on MTV's RapFix, Swizz said that his entire focus is on the New York native's comeback project, which he will be executive producing.

"Everything is DMX for me right now. It’s my main focus because it’s what started everything. So, if I don’t focus on that, then it’s just not right. He’s been going through a lot of different things but … he’s DMX! He’s good; he’s in good vibes. But wait until y’all hear this music though — y’all gon’ really know how he is. We working hard on that and I can’t wait. I can’t wait," Swizz said.

Check out the full RapFix clip below, where he also talks about executive producing the new LOX album. You excited for this?