The fashion website Lyst compiles a, um, list at the end of every year that looks back on all the most influential fashion moments, logos and trends. The site itself is a good way to keep track of this kind of stuff (at least in the online realm) because it's not a merchant in itself, but rather an aggregator of other online stores; if you click on a product you like it'll redirect you to another site like SSENSE, MR. Porter or END. The intro to their retrospective:

This year 80 million shoppers from 120 countries started their fashion search on Lyst. We tracked more than 100 million searches; crunching the queries, page views, sales data and social media mentions across 5 million fashion products from 12,000 designers and stores. From Dior to dadcore, plastic to prairie dresses, Lyst's data reveals what you wanted to wear in 2018.

Some notable surprises in their tallies include the fact that Louis Vuitton is only at number nine in the logo category even after it had arguably the most talked-about year. There's also the fourth-place position of Prada, who's logo is subtler than most others (*cough* Gucci) but may have gotten a boost from people like Offset and Kanye, who repped it pretty explicitly. Some of the lists are below, for the full one click here

Most Powerful Logos
1. Supreme
2. Champion
4. Prada
5. Fendi
6. Gucci
7. Kappa
8. Versace
9. Louis Vuitton

Hottest Items
1. Gucci Logo Belt
2. Off-White™ Industrial Belt
3. Fendi Logo Emblazoned Tights
4. Ganni Pink Boiler Suit
5. Realisation Par Leopard Print Skirt

Most Powerful Trends
1. Meme Fashion
2. ‘90s/‘00s
3. ‘Dad’ Fashion
4. Sport Luxe
5. Western Cowboy
6. Plastic
7. Neon
8. Artsy
9. Pre-Raphaelite Prairie
10. Sustainable