It's been a minute since we got a project from Da$h. Two years to be precise. The rapper's dropped off a lot of singles and feature verses during that time but the fans have been waiting of a full body of work from the rapper. Recently, Da$h took to Instagram live to give the fans an update on what he's been working on lately.

During an Instagram live session, Da$H revealed a few things to bring excitement to his fans. For one, he confirmed his Loose Skrew album is coming very soon, even hinting that it may drop as early as next week. However, the most interesting part of the Instagram live session is that he said he has a project with $UICIDEBOY$ completed.

"Who ready for Loose Skrew, man? Who ready for me and $UICIDEBOY$ album, Walk The Plank, man? I just dropped a whole bomb on y'all niggas and y'all don't even know," he said, "Whole album finished, nigga. Music done, nigga." 

So looks like we'll be getting a new project from Da$H in the near future. The last thing he dropped was back in October with the Double A-Side Vol. 4 in which he released two new songs, "Copacetic" and "Decisions." 

"Walk the Plank, coming soon. Loose Skrew coming real soon. You might just have something to bump next week. You might just have something to bump this week," he said. It seems the lack of public moves on Da$h's end is a result of the amount of time he's been spending in the studio. He may have not actually confirmed a release date but considering he said everything is done with both projects, we'll take his word on it.

$UICIDEBOY$, for their part, have delivered a hell of a lot of music throughout this year. In May, they delivered chapters XI to XV in their Kill Yourself series. In September, they dropped off XVI to XX as part of the series as well. They also landed on Juicy J's Highly Intoxicated this past summer.

Check the video below: