Former actor Bill Cosby was recently served a 3 to 10-year sentence in a maximum security facility after the judge presiding over his case determined that he is a sexually violent predator. Bill Cosby's prison sentence has sparked an outcry of emotions and reactions from individuals around the world. 

Women's rights attorney and activist Gloria Allred told CNN, "This is a very important day. Judgment day has come. We're so very proud of what law enforcement did to make sure we had a just outcome." Writer and actress Quinta Brunson tweeted, "As a Philadelphian and fan of his shows and comedy, I can say that Bill Cosby deserves every ounce of that jail time."

TMZ recently caught up with legendary musician Stevie Wonder and asked for his thoughts on the matter. "You know what, I just pray for everybody, but even more, I pray for this nation - and its leader." When TMZ's reporter asked the multi-instrumentalist whether he believes Cosby's 3 to 10-year prison sentencing is fair, Stevie replied, "I don't like prisons... I respect the work that he's done in his career as an artist, and he's inspired a lot of people. And I just pray that God give him the mercy."