Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr became unhinged during Wednesday night's loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, following a questionable call on Draymond Green.

Green committed a foul on Blazers' big man Zach Collins late in the fourth quarter and the officials ultimately deemed it worthy of a Flagrant 1 rather than a common foul. As seen in the footage embedded below, Kerr didn't approve of their judgement and he gave official Kenny Maeuer an ear full until Kevin Durant intervened. 

"I was just shocked that it was called a flagrant foul," Kerr said, per ESPN. "That was head-scratching that could be called a flagrant foul. I mean, the guy's going to go up for a dunk, you got to make sure he doesn't dunk it. So I told Kenny I beg to differ."

Draymond, who described the flagrant foul as the "Draymond rule," said Kerr's outburst was "amazing."

"I got a lot of ball," Green said regarding the play in question. "I don't know, it's the Draymond rule."

"I loved that, too," Green said. "That was amazing. It's great. He set the tone for us to close the game the way we did. It was good. I got a tech also for standing there -- that probably should be a delay of game, not a tech. You can't give somebody a tech because they're standing there, that's a delay of game. But whatever. Probably a Draymond Green rule, too."

The Warriors went on to lose by the final of 129-107, as they head into the All Star break with a Western Conference-best 41-16 record.