Steve Harvey started the year off right by not screwing up the Miss Universe pageant again, but it doesn’t seem like that was enough to bring the embattled comedian back into favor with the general public. To get his public image right, Harvey has turned to a crisis control expert named Judy Smith, the person whom the TV show Scandal is based on.

From a New York Daily News report, it appears the wild stories told about Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope character on Scandal aren’t all that far off from the truth. Judy Smith has reportedly been involved in high-profile PR crisis control for things such as the Monica Lewinsky blowjob incident, TV host Paula Deen’s “n*gger” comments and Michael Vick’s dogfighting scandal and subsequent public image rehabilitation.

Among the things Fox will have to deal with are Steve Harvey’s offensive joke about Asian men on his show and his meeting with President Donald Trump, a toxic move in many circles. Compared to some of the stuff Judy Smith has dealt with, Harvey’s troubles probably seem like child’s play.

[via NY Daily News]