The Academy Awards Best Picture race is always one of the most anticipated categories of awards season. When La La Land and Moonlight went head-to-head at last year's Oscar ceremony, a mix-up occurred that seemingly only one person was happy about: Steve Harvey. The host of game show Family Feud had previously made a major mistake when presenting the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe competition, accidentally crowning Miss Colombia when she had not actually gained the honor. The error can be attributed to the production of the show, including the direction of teleprompters or the creation of cue cards handed to the host.

Regardless, the show went down in history as one of the most embarrassing moments in live television. It was doubtful that the moment would be overtaken, but somehow, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway flubbed the winner of the most important category of the Academy Awards, giving the award to La La Land when Moonlight had actually triumphed. Steve Harvey had previously kept quiet about the situation, but he recently commented to The Hollywood Reporter that he was ecstatic when the mistake took place, saying: "The Oscars is the biggest night in Hollywood, and when they did it, I lit a cigar and drank a glass of scotch and celebrated. I was free! Thank you, God!"

Harvey continues that he felt released by the production errors that had plagued him at the Miss Universe ceremony and, we can't blame him as the Oscars are one of the biggest platforms for the celebration of film excellence. Steve can finally breathe following that fateful night. Read more here.