In one of his first public appearances since suffering a mental breakdown last month, for which he spent nine days in the hospital, Kanye West visited Trump Tower yesterday and had a meeting with the soon-to-be-president. Kanye had surprisingly endorsed Trump during one of his infamous onstage rants leading up to his hospitalization. After yesterday's meeting, Kanye hopped on Twitter for the first time in almost two months to reveal that he and Trump had discussed "multicultural issues" as well as school reform and ending violence in Chicago.

Today, he tweeted out a photo of the new TIME magazine, autographed by Trump, who appears on the cover as the "Person of the Year." "To Kanye, you are a great friend," wrote Trump in silver ink. 

Of course, the surprise meeting of the two celebrity cronies was all over the media, and it was prime material for the late-night comics last night. Stephen Colbert of The Late Show, Trevor Noah of The Daily Show, and James Corden of The Late Late Show each joked about the meeting during their monologue segments. 

Colbert described yesterday's situation in Trump Tower as the gathering of "the two most powerful American narcissists in the same room." He later joked that they were planning a collaboration album entitled The Deportation of Pablo

Noah suggested that Trump must be the inspiration for Kanye's new blonde hairstyle, and he went on to clown the news media for its handling of the ostensibly friendly encounter, and how the coverage immediately jumped from serious world affairs to Trump Tower as Kanye made his entry. 

Corden asked what on earth could have been discussed between men from such different worlds, going on to attempt to contrast Trump and Kanye, before realizing that they're essentially the same person (especially with Ye's new hairdo).