Kanye West's return to Twitter has given him the highest level of publicity in America possible. Every single news site in the country is reporting on West's tweets supporting Donald Trump, which has earned him a mountain of criticism. Even West's own colleagues and friends have chosen to unfollow him on Twitter, either because they disagree with his views, or because they're exhausted with his politicized rants. There is no escaping Kanye West though, as even late-night television host Stephen Colbert is reporting on the rappers Twitter feed. Talk about extensive press coverage. 

Colbert, like everyone else, shared his thoughts about West supporting Donald Trump in a string of tweets that include the rapper bragging about his signed "Make America Great Again" hat, and also calling Trump his "brother." "I don't know if you've checked Twitter today," Colbert begins. "But right now, my Twitter feed is just tweets from Donald Trump and Kanye West."

"He tweeted, 'my MAGA hat is signed,' followed by 30 fire emojis," Colbert continued. "Now, that is fitting, because that is how many times I would set that hat on fire. I think Kanye is lobbying for a job as Trump's new communication director. He could just change his name to Kellyanne Kanye."

Colbert also begged Kanye to "put the phone down," before he asserted that the entire interaction between Kanye and Trump (who responded to West with a thank you) as "a total bro-fest." Check out the hilarious monologue below.