Last night, the Dallas Cowboys had a huge opportunity at hand as they played against the New England Patriots. The Pats are considered a frontrunner to win the Super Bowl this season and a win against them would mean a lot for the squad's confidence moving forward. In the end, the Cowboys came out on the losing side of this one as they fell 13-9. It was a low scoring game that was very much in reach but, once again, they fell short much to the chagrin of their over the top fanbase.

On ESPN's First Take this morning, Stephen A. Smith continued his barrage on the Cowboys by calling for the firing of head coach Jason Garrett. Garrett has been the team's head coach for a decade now and they only have two playoff wins, including some disappointing seasons. Smith believes Jerry Jones needs to move on now to make sure this team still has a chance in the postseason.

Smith has always been very critical of the Cowboys and their status as America's team so it isn't shocking to see him go in on the franchise like this. What is surprising is how Smith is actually offering them some very useful advice here. Many are fed up with Garrett so perhaps this is the kick the team needs to get things going.

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