ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, a life long New York Knicks fan, seems to have reached a new low point with the organization as a result of the recent Spike Lee fiasco. After allowing Spike to share his side of the story during an episode of First Take this week, Smith has continued to berate team owner James Dolan while standing up for the man who spends $300,000 annually to watch the disgraceful Knicks from his courtside seats.

On Thursday, Smith shed some more light on Spike's devotion to the Knicks, as he revealed a text message he received from someone close to Dwyane Wade regarding the recent feud.

Says Smith:

"I got a text from somebody I just wanted to share - it's from somebody associated with Dwyane Wade. In 2010, that dude Spike Lee was on the phone recruiting Dwyane Wade to come to the Knicks like he was employed by the team. Waiting for us in the lobbies of hotels whenever we came to New York, travelling to recruit on behalf of the New York Knicks. And they treat him like this? What a despicable thing to do."

The Knicks beef with Spike stems from a childish dispute about which entrance he is supposed to use when entering Madison Square Garden. Prior to Monday night's victory over the Houston Rockets, Lee was spotted arguing with MSG security guards and yelling, "You wanna arrest me like Charles Oakley?!"

Since then, Spike and the Knicks have offered conflicting reports about what really went down, with the organization labelling his claims as "laughable."

Spike Lee, Knicks

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