New York Knicks super fan Spike Lee will not be attending any more Knicks games this year, not just because they suck, but because of the way he was treated on Monday night. In case you missed it, Lee was prevented from using a particular entrance prior to the start of last night's game at Madison Square Garden and he could be heard yelling at security guards, "You wanna arrest me like Charles Oakley?!"

The Knicks quickly issued a statement downplaying the incident, which prompted Lee's appearance on ESPN's First Take on Tuesday morning, where he described how he is being harassed by team owner James Dolan. As a result of the whole ordeal, Spike says he's done with the Knicks this season.

Although Spike seemed furious during today's edition of First Take, he did sit in his familiar courtside seat on Monday night as the Knicks kicked off the Leon Rose era with a 125-123 victory over the Houston Rockets. That said, all of the talk concerning last night's game is focused on Spike Lee and his feud with Dolan, rather than RJ Barrett's career-high 27 points or any of the other positives, which are always few and far between for this franchise.

Check out the rest of Spike Lee's appearance on First Take below.