Spike Lee has been one of the most notorious New York Knicks fans in the entire world over the last few years and continues to be an ambassador for the team. Despite all of their issues over the past few years, Lee has remained loyal and can be seen sitting courtside at pretty well every single game. Unfortunately, last night caused some issues for Lee as it appeared as though he was denied entry to the arena. In fact, a clip of Lee being kicked out went viral last night which led some people to believe that he may have been banned by owner James Dolan.

In the end, it turned out that it was all just one big misunderstanding. Lee eventually got to his seat and Dolan spoke to him at halftime. As it turns out, reports are circulating that Lee tried to enter through an employee entrance and that's why he was thrown out. 


Dolan has a track record of banning people from his arena. Charles Oakley was infamously barred from MSG a while back which led to a legal dispute which was recently settled. The Knicks are constantly receiving a stream of bad press and this Spike Lee situation could have been a real disaster.

Luckily, Lee got to witness his team beat the Houston Rockets in an absolute thriller.