Lou Williams exploits at the Magic City strip club are well-documented by now. In case you've been living under a rock, here is what happened. Williams was excused from the NBA bubble as there was a death in his family. After going to pay his respects, Williams took a trip to Magic City where he got some of their infamous chicken wings. Unfortunately, Williams was exposed by Jack Harlow on his IG story, which was simply an honest mistake. Regardless, the NBA took action and forced Williams into a prolonged quarantine.

ESPN analyst and internet sensation Stephen A. Smith was on vacation when this whole saga went down, so he wasn't able to comment on it at the moment. However, that all changed on Thursday as he made his highly-anticipated return to the show. That's where he offered his hilarious reaction on the matter, as all he could do was maniacally laugh at Williams' actions.

Smith went on to say that he wasn't mad at Williams for doing what he did and that many other players would have done the exact same thing. Based on Smith's comments, it's clear he would have engaged in such activity, given the opportunity, as well.

Either way, Williams will be back on the court next week and this whole situation will be behind us.