Stephen A. Smith is probably one of the best trolls in all of sports media and sometimes, it comes across so effortlessly that you have to question whether or not he's really trying to get under people's skin. When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys though, Smith has always done his best to rile up their fans and it has led to some pretty hilarious spectacles. Who can forget the meme of Smith walking down the aisle in a Saints jersey like some WWE villain while the Cowboys faithful boo him mercilessly?

Well, on Friday, Smith did his best to recreate that very scene as he strutted his way into Dallas for the latest episode of First Take. Instead of a Saints jersey, Smith strolled in with a Tom Brady New England Patriots jersey while taunting the crowd. He claimed the Patriots are really America's team and that the Cowboys don't stand a chance this season.

Just like his other videos in which he trolls Cowboys supporters, Smith finished off the clip with a hefty "Holla at your boy" which rang through the crowd like the Bell at Big Ben.

It's clear the Cowboys fans hate Smith and while he might not hate them back, he sure does love giving them a hard time. Honestly, we can't blame him.