Last midnight, the latest installment in the Star Wars trilogy opened up with preview screenings, garnering favorable reviews from critics and audiences alike. And while Star Wars has always been a monumental property where sales are concerned the series only seems to be gaining in popularity. The Last Jedi opened up with a staggering $45-50 million, and while that was seven million less than series predecessor The Force Awakens, it remains one of the year's most commercially viable franchises. 

According to an analysis from Forbes, The Last Jedi's Thursday night preview screenings will likely land closer to the $50 million mark.  It goes on to speculate that if this latest chapter can continue where Rogue One's opening numbers left off, than the opening night screenings would amount for an estimated forty percent of net profit. Therefore, Forbes projects an opening total of between $112 and $125 million, potentially beating out The Force Awakens $118 million for the new record. Even if The Last Jedi falters slightly, it's still pretty much locked in for second place on the all time biggest opening days list.

Suffice it to say, Star Wars has once again proven its widespread lasting appeal. As one of the rare franchises enjoyed equally by children and adults, it's no wonder that the George Lucas brainchild has withstood the rest of time. At this rate, Disney may very well decide this might not be the last Jedi after all.