When it was announced that Stan Lee had passed away yesterday, Hollywood reacted with great sadness. The creator of Marvel Comics had invented so many of our favorite super-heroes. From Spider-Man, to X-Men, Thor, Black Panther, and more, Lee was a true genius. He knew how to connect with audiences through his comic-book creations and they transitioned smoothly into the cinema world. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe being on top of the world, Lee's involvement in each film was major. He had reportedly filmed all his upcoming cameos before his death so we'll be seeing him on screen in the future, however, one of his newer heroes may also be seeing the light of day.

On TMZ Live, his daughter J.C. Lee revealed that she had been working with her father to create a brand new hero that was kept secret for a long time. Lee spoke about her father's creative legacy and all his contributions to the world, noting that their hero Dirt Man will likely be introduced to the world soon. The character was created by J.C. but Stan helped her to develop him. According to the creator's daughter, Dirt Man is the "last little angel [they've] got tucked away." J.C. said that they still have some "trickery" on the way with the new character and we're excited to see what's planned.

She's hoping Dirt Man will get his own movie soon. Listen to the clip below.