Legendary San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has been a vocal opponent of President Trump in the past, but never to this extent. When asked about the Women's March in Washington D.C., Popovich made it clear which side of history he stands on, and ripped Trump a new one in the process. Here's an excerpt from Popovich's majestic anti-Trump rant:

"Today was great, that message is important... Our President comes in with the lowest rating of anybody who ever took office. There's a majority of people out there, Hillary [Clinton] won the popular vote, that don't like his act. I just wish he was more... had the ability to be mature enough to do something that really is inclusive... so far we've gotten to the point where you really can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth. All those thousands were over on the rooftops after 9/11, there were like two. He went to Hawaii and checked [Barack Obama's] birth certificate and the investigators couldn't believe what they found ... So it's over and over and over again, and with the CIA today instead of honoring the 117 people behind him where he was speaking, he talked about the size of the crowd. That's worrisome. I'd just feel better if someone was in that position that showed the maturity and psychological, emotional level of someone his age. It's dangerous and doesn't do us any good ... I hope he does a great job, but there's a difference between respecting the office of the Presidency and who occupies it. That respect has to be earned, and it's hard to be respectful of someone when we all have kids and we're watching him be misogynistic, xenophobic and racist."

Check out the video of Popovich's interview below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Are the racists of San Antonio going to boycott Spurs games after this?