Airlines have always been very strict when it comes to smoking. Their stringent policies forbid any sort of smoking on an airplane and often are tied to costly fines. With the recent arrival of vaping as a new smoking technology, it is fair to assume not everyone is clear about the e-cigarettes' inclusion in the aforementioned policies. And it seems Spirit Airlines had to severely sanction a passenger for not knowing the difference. Reports by TheShadeRoom indicate that a Spirit Airlines passenger was recently banned for attempting to smoke an e-cigarette in the bathroom of their plane.


A flight attendant reported the incident, sharing with the authorities that she saw the passenger pulling out the e-cigarette and taking a few puffs while still seated. He reportedly attempted to blow the smoke into his bag, but she quickly intercepted him and informed him vaping was not allowed. A few moments later, the man got up and continued vaping in the bathroom which then set off the smoke alarm. Another passenger also informed staff that the same man was taking swigs of alcohol from under his jacket and was "highly intoxicated." When authorities stepped in, the misbehaving passenger tried to act as though he didn't know smoking was not allowed. Regardless, Spirit Airlines was not having it and banned him for life.