This morning, in the wake of a new album from Kendrick Lamar that is already being dubbed as an "instant classic" around these internets, a far-reaching fan theory emerged. The internet conspired, as it tends to do, to allege that K. Dot will be releasing a second album on Easter Sunday as a follow-up and sister album of sorts to DAMN. The purported evidence for this conspiracy was listed in bullet form, and quickly went viral.

Sounwave, a TDE in-house producer, was dragged into the theory thanks to a couple of tweets he fired off last night-- shortly after the Kendrick leak surfaced. Sounwave hopped on twitter this afternoon to clarify that his tweets were indeed referring to the early leak, and thus he basically dismissed the fan theory in one foul swoop.

"The "unofficial version" I was referring to was the leaked version that's missing important interludes and vocal pieces...," Sounwave writes. Check out his two tweets on the matter below.

Only time will tell.