Could Soulja Boy be a deadbeat son and brother? John Way, DeAndre's younger sibling, released a diss track recently saying Soulja left their mother in poverty. It prompted Soulja to address the issue on IG Live saying, "Loyalty before royalty." 

Showing off his humble digs, John Way responded with a clip of his own. He asked his followers to listen to the lyrics because he claims what he is spitting is the truth. He ended the clip with a cameo from his and Soulja Boy's mother.

"We're in my house in the middle of the goddamn hood," she says in the clip.

"In the middle of the goddamn hood fuckboy," John says.

On his diss song, "Overdue," John accuses his older brother of abandoning his mother on welfare. He also accused Big Soulja of renting his house and cars, lying about sleeping with Rihanna, and getting his fake gold chain snatched by a groupie.