Soulja Boy is back on most people's radar thanks to his recent rants. The most sensational of his claims were targeted at two heavily-celebrated artists, Kanye West and Drake. After airing out his grievances on The Breakfast Club, the "Crank Dat" rapper offered more context to his discontentment.

His main gripe comes from the last of credit he has received in the rap game thus far.“I’m coming for mine,” he told XXL. “I’m younger than Drake. I’m younger than Kanye. I look better than Kanye. I got more swag than Kanye. Drake don’t write his raps. I wrote 'Crank Dat' and it went platinum and diamond.”

The shots he takes at Drake stem from the interactions they had following their collaboration. Soulja says Drizzy didn't show support while playing their joint track, "We Made It," during his tour. “Why we ain’t shoot the video?” Soulja Boy asks. “Why this nigga ain’t bring me on tour to perform it one time, but he was performing my record on tour the whole time? Just little slick shit like that.”

He also claims that Drake's flow on the 2010 "Miss Me" was ripped from "What's Hannenin',” a track released by Soulja 3 years before.