Jeezy was arrested last night near Atlanta, and today we get news of another rapper's arrest, this time out in L.A. Soulja Boy was reportedly arrested early this morning for carrying a loaded gun.

As TMZ reports, Soulja Boy was pulled over in San Fernando Valley early Wednesday morning for going through a stop sign. When the police pulled him over, they apparently noticed that the rapper was packing a loaded gun, so they arrested him.

The 23-year old was brought to a nearby jail and is currently being booked. Last time Soulja encountered issues with the law was in May 2013, when his red Bentley was involved in a hit-and-run, although as it turned out Soulja wasn't behind the wheel at the time.

We'll update you on this story when more details surface.

[Update: Soulja Claims Cops Didn't Have Probable Cause]

Soulja Boy and his team are claiming that the police had no right to search his car last week, an incident which led to his arrest.

According to Soulja Boy's manager, the gun found in the rapper's vehicle was left by a neighbor, unbeknownst to Soulja. He's also arguing that Mr. Tell Em never admitted that the firearm was his, despite being pressured by officers that someone had to claim ownership of the weapon.

TMZ reports that the rapper believes the search in itself was illegal, as the cops didn't have probable cause. However, the police are claiming that the weapon was visible from outside the car-- which would allow them to perform a search without a warrant.