SoloSam Is Half Man-Half Horse In "Breezin & Coolin" Video

Alex Zidel
October 15, 2018 13:00

HNHH PREMIERE: Chicago rapper SoloSam comes through with some striking new visuals.

This summer, SoloSam formally introduced himself to the pages of HNHH when he released his Itis EP. Since June, we've been bumping the project in rotation and it hasn't dwindled even a bit in replay value. Songs like "Dogs Go 2 Heaven" and "Fast" continue to be favorites but "Breezin & Coolin" has emerged as a true standout for the young Chicagoan. Ever since he was featured on our "New Artists You Should Hear" profile, Sam has been hustling to become a top force in his city and it's videos like this that will allow the emcee to prove his worth further.

Sam is the star on the court in this clip, rocking his durag as he goes wild bouncing tennis balls. The artist rolls through his beloved city of Chicago on his bike, taking in the sights before he morphs into a half man-half horse mystical creation. SoloSam's imagination clearly knows no bounds.

The directors of the video, Stripmall, went crazy on this one, pulling out all the stops to make Sam look like the star he's shaping up to be. The collective is working on videos for some of Chicago's finest, which we'll be able to peep in the near future.

If you haven't checked out his latest project yet, take a look at Itis here. What do you think of SoloSam's latest video?

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