If there's a time and a place for a fight to break out, then it's certainly not at the funeral of an esteemed actor. Friends, family, and fans of Ricky Harris, who died at age 51 on Dec. 26 of a a heart attack, gathered in the late star's hometown of Long Beach yesterday to celebrate his life and career. Guests included actress Sherri Shepherd and another one of the LBC's finest in Snoop Dogg. Harris had given humorous cameos on Snoop's old records (playing characters such as DJ EZ Dicc) and they acted alongside one another in 2001's "Bones." Though Snoop would later say that Harris was given a "beautiful service," it so happens that the veteran rapper was involved in a fight that took place right inside the funeral home. 

Shepherd posted a reaction video to the brawl that went down, and she appears to be shaken up and angry that the fight interrupted Harris' funeral. At this point, there's nothing to suggest that Snoop was a perpetrator in the encounter, though Shepherd claims that he was the initial target. 

"We're at Ricky Harris' funeral, and we're about to see the body," fumes Shepherd, "and somebody came in the funeral home and went towards Snoop, and Snoop's bodyguard tackled him. And then it was just a big fight, and it was so disrespectful to Ricky Harris." 

According to TMZ, police came to the funeral home, though apparently all those responsible for instigating the fight had already left the scene. 

After making his exit, Snoop went on Instagram to give more well-wishes to Harris and to confirm that the funeral was a "beautiful service" that "sent him home the right way." He declined to offer much insight into what the fight was about, though he did take the time to say "the devil is a motherfuckin' lie." "Yeah he is," continued Snoop. "We had a great time, great service. Rick, your spirit lives on baby. LBC's finest. Ricky Harris: Rest In Paradise." 

Now that's a proper eulogy from Uncle Snoop. We're glad everything seems to be A1 on his end. R.I.P. Ricky Harris.