Having been around some of the greats and enjoying a legendary career himself, Snoop Dogg has tons of memories to share with his fans on a regular basis. He can probably post one photo every day for several years and we wouldn't get bored. The Doggfather has spent time with some of the absolute legends in hip-hop and every Throwback Thursday, you can bet that we'll be getting a new moment from Uncle Snoop. Last week, he came through with a photo from a 1991 studio session with Dr. Dre while they were making The Chronic. Today, he's dropping another gem with his good ol' buddy Tupac Shakur.

Snoop went back to his days with the long hair, posing behind Tupac, who proudly threw up his sign. The rapper rocked a fedora on his head, looking snazzy in a formal suit and dripping with gold on his fingers. Snoop looks smug in the back, clearly enjoying the night and peering over Pac's shoulder. "Look over your shoulder you’ll find me," wrote the artist as his caption. 

With so much of hip-hop's history involving Snoop Dogg, you better believe that he's going to take every moment available to remind folks exactly who he is. Take a look at his latest vintage shot below.