Aside from maybe his parents and surviving children, nobody is taking the loss of Kobe Bryant as difficult as his now-widowed wife, Vanessa Bryant. In a similar fashion to the many who've been keeping her in their prayers over the past week, OG rap vet Snoop Dogg decided to do so by reminding the world of the first time they actually met.

For most couples, that moment of first meeting is usually not documented. However, the love story of Kobe and Vanessa was actually caught on tape during unearthed behind the scenes footage from his short stint in the music industry back in 1999. You see, Kobe at one point tried to follow in the steps of Shaq by starting a rap career, highlighted by his Tyra Banks-assisted single "K.O.B.E." There was a music video shot for the single, and as Kobe himself described in his 2015 autobiographical Showtime documentary Muse, they were inseparable ever since that chance interaction on the set. For that reason alone it makes Snoop's IG post (seen above) all the more heartbreaking. "Love at 1st sight here’s to. Kobe n. Vanessa," was the caption that followed Tha Doggfather emcee's post, and we couldn't agree more. May their love live on eternally.

Watch the clip from the Kobe Bryant's Muse doc below that details the moment when the Black Mamba met his snake charmer: