Snoop Dogg recently spoke with Sole Collector about the NFL's strict uniform policy, specifically the rule that prevents players from wearing custom cleats which they often lace up for warm-ups, and he offered the following response

"I think that's some bullshit. The NFL is full of shit with them rules and regulations. They make so much money off the players and endorsements and sponsors. They should let the players do whatever they want to. If this player has an endorsement deal with this company, he should be entitled to wear what he wants—whether it's the color of the uniform or not," Snoop said. "That’s just business. That’s just like your forcing them to wear headphones and certain shit that is branded for the NFL, they should have the right to do what they want to do as players."

"I think things will change in due time because the players are getting hip and they're getting smart and they understand that they gon' do it anyway," he said. "The [NFL] is not going just keep fining these players. It’s definitely hurting the league, because it’s watering it down. It’s always been a game that was ran by the players, not by the people up top."

The NFL's rulebook states that players can only wear cleats that are white or black with one of the team's colors, including the laces. Every player on the team must wear cleats with the same dominant color and all logos and names must be covered up unless they've previously been approved by the NFL.

This weekend however, the NFL is allowing players to wear whatever cleats they want as part of the "My Cause, My Cleats" campaign which more than 400 players are using as a means to promote charities and organizations that they are passionate about.

Check out some of the decorative cleats below that will be hitting the field in Week 13.