Faizon Love, the Hollywood actor who has been seen on the TV show Black-ish, made social media boil over with this video comments about Tupac's death and how it could've been prevented.

Love singled out Snoop Dogg and the rift that arose between him and Pac as the cause of the latter's untimely death. Said the actor: "I always felt when Pac died, it was because ... Snoop could have stopped the whole thing [...] Snoop was a Crip, Pac affiliates were Crips doing some gang sh*t, some dumb gang sh*t. Really. It set off a whole chain of events. You know, n***as in L.A. don’t get mad, they get even [...] Pac would be alive today if he had stayed allies with Snoop and not crossed Snoop."

These comments come on the heels of All Eyez on Me, the new Tupac Shakur biopic, debuting in theaters this past weekend to sizable box-office numbers but a bevy of criticism, especially from those who were close to the real-life events.

You can watch Love's full video below.