Snoop Dogg took to Instagram yesterday to announce big plans he has been cooking up with Total Slaughter winner Murda Mook.

In a short clip, Snoop says, "Me and my nigga Murda Mook fitting to come at you with something real big for the Hip-Hop battle scene. Be on the lookout." 

Aware that the video wasn't particularly clear, the Doggfather returned with a second posting, addressing Mook directly to clarify the previous post.

"Yo Mook, I don't think they heard us," he says. "We about to do the something real big for the Hip-Hop battle scene. I'm hosting the BET Hip-Hop Awards again this year, but I got something real special planned this time." Snoop successfully hosted the ceremony in 2013, driving ratings up enough that the network has asked him back for this year's show, which is currently scheduled for an October 15 air-date. 

Snoop also reached out to several battlers on Twitter with requests for contact information. 

What battle rappers would you like to see on the BET Hip-Hop Awards stage?