Despite the negative effects social media may have, it really did something right this year when Snapchat helped pull in over 400,000 registered voters, The New York Times reports. The platform created a two-week plan that added a button on users profile pages (who were 18 and older) that led them to a voter registration website,

Once the user answered a few questions, they were then directed to state and local election locations to make it official. “There is no more powerful form of self-expression than the ability to vote,” Jennifer Stout, global head of public policy at Snap said. “The numbers we’ve seen have been fantastic and have shown us that our users have been some of the most engaged communities out there.”

The states with the most interaction via Snapchat was Texas, Florida and Georgia. Although this is a great move, it may not happen again in 2020 as Snap is reported to be running out of money. “We believe that competition (particularly from Instagram) is irreversibly reducing SNAP’s opportunity to deliver on long-term investor expectations,” Evercore analyst Anthony DiClemente told The Wrap.