While fans patiently wait for Smino's first studio album since 2018's Noir, the rapper has decided to connect with Pigeons and Planes for a brief update on the situation at large. As he tells it, the project is actually done -- but the waiting game is only just beginning.


Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

"I got a full release on Spotify ready," reveals the St. Louis rapper. "My album is done. It's ready to go. You know how the fuck releases are. You gotta do the politics, then you gotta go make sure you can promote it. People just want the music, and it's not they fault you gotta deal with all the shit. I'm like bro, I haven't put out anything in two years. Personally, I like to listen to new Smino more than any of my fans do. I'm my biggest fan. I need to have some new Smino, and if I feel like this, I know other n***as feel like this."

He also reveals Lil Wayne's Dedication 2 to be his favorite mixtape of all time,  giving an honorable mention to another Weezy drop in No Ceilings. Aside from the Wayne drops, Smino highlights Wiz Khalifa's Kush And Orange Juice and Drake's So Far Gone as personal favorites. Later, he opens up about his catalog with Nelly, joking that there was once a period where everybody in the city said the Country Grammar rapper was their cousin. "We got a song called 'My Mama's Mama, it's hard as hell," he teases.

Check out the full interview with Smino below, and sound off -- are you excited to hear a new album from the dexterous rapper?