Slick Rick managed to become a US citizen just in time, judging by the way things are going. As part of the upcoming Record Story Day celebrations, Def Jam has created an actual children’s book version of his 1988 classic “Children’s Story.” If you remember the song’s lyrics, they aren’t exactly kid-friendly material, and the book doesn’t hold anything back.

The book is 18 pages long and features illustrations of all the most iconic imagery from the track paired with Slick Rick’s storybook-style rhymes. Check out a few photos of the book above. The whole package includes a vinyl copy of “Children’s Story” with “The Moment I Feared” as the b-side. It also includes The Adventures of Slick Rick on CD. The younger generation might be more familiar with Mos Def's rendition of "Children's Story" on his classic Black Star album.

The package will be available on April 22 for Record Store Day. Find out more here.