Skip Bayless is one of the most polarizing figures on sports talk television and that's even considering the contributions of Stephen A. Smith. Skip has come through with some pretty dubious opinions over the years and has upset sports fans because of it. Regardless of how you feel about Bayless, there is no denying just how entertaining he is. When paired with former NFL star Shannon Sharpe, Skip is truly a delight to watch, even if you hate what comes out of his mouth.

Today, Skip came through with one of his most bizarre opinions yet. Essentially, Bayless believes the San Francisco 49ers are an underdog in the Super Bowl because Jimmy Garoppolo simply isn't good enough. In fact, Bayless thinks the 49ers should go out and get Tom Brady if they lose the Super Bowl.

Brady is a free agent for the first time in his career this Spring and would certainly be a perfect fit for the 49ers. Brady and Garoppolo have some history as the latter was Brady's backup in New England. Of course, Bayless' assertions are still farfetched when you consider how solid Garroppolo has actually been. If the 49ers lose the Super Bowl, it will be because of the Chiefs offense and not the shortcomings of their QB.

What do you think of Bayless' take here? Is he right or way off?