Chris Brown's "The Party Tour" rolled through Philadelphia over the weekend and Sixers rookie Ben Simmons was in the building for the show which included acts from Fabolous, whom he met up with following the performance.

We know this because Fabolous took to instagram shortly after they met to take a light-hearted jab at Simmons, who still hasn't played in a minute in the NBA due to injuries.

Fab captioned a photo of the two, "when @bensimmons ask you why you had him sittiin out in the hallway so long & you tell him shouldn't you be useta sittin out by now."

Of course, Simmons quickly fired back with an IG post of his own, using the same photo but with this caption,

"When you don't look at the set list properly and see an artist starting with F and you think it's@future but it turns out to be@myfabolouslife 😂😂💀"

Who got the upper hand after the first round of roasts?

Check out the IG posts below.