A man named Dr. Kuo Chao is suing Shonda Rhimes for the extremely dangerous broken sidewalk that she left unfixed in front of her mansion last summer.

The doctor, according to TMZ, is a "prestigious interventional neuroradiologist" who graduated from Yale so he must know what he's talking about when he alleges that he suffered a broken wrist, "damaged cartilage and lost range of motion and function in his wrist and arm, which has caused limited mobility and loss of strength and stamina." What this did was lead to the loss of his "fine motor skills," keeping him from his work, where he treats "stroke and anuerysm" patients

Now, Dr. Chao is suing Rhimes for an unspecified amount, but we can guess that if he's a doctor and she's the biggest TV writer on earth, then it will be a lot. The doctor believes that the bump in the sidewalk was Rhimes' responsibility to fix, not the city's. Partly, it's understandable, Shonda seems capable of anything, but would anyone really want to distract her from her new responsibilities? Rhimes recently signed a deal with Netflix worth $150 million that has her creating eight new shows which are already all in development.