Venom is a cursed character when it comes to movies. When he(it?) was included in Spider-Man 3 the series took an immediate plunge from unlikely classic territory into the depths of cinematic rock bottom. It's still a sore spot for many fans all these years later. The newest Venom movie, Venom, has had a similar fate. It was received with what most people refer to as "mixed reviews", which is to say that it was pretty much universally panned. But that didn't stop people from seeing it; it made almost a billion dollars and surpassed every X-Men movie ever made.

Venom also introduced a character who's new to the movies: She-Venom. Played by Michelle Williams, Anne Weying is Eddie Brock's ex-wife. Williams calls her and Brock's relationship the "crux of the movie," and describes it thusly: "these two people loved each other but they couldn't be together because he hadn't grown up yet" (she's left out the part where she becomes She-Venom, maybe the coolest part of this underwhelming film). Luckily for those people who are dedicated enough fans of the Venom as a character and anything Spider-Man related, the blu-ray release of the movie will have a whole special She-Venom behind-the-scenes feature, which IGN has previewed: