Dwight Howard and Shaq seem to be in a never-ending feud and Shaq is winning it by a longshot. Over the past few days, Shaq has been sending constant shots Howard's way and the Los Angeles Lakers big man doesn't seem to want to do anything about it. It started with Shaq claiming he didn't know who Howard was and then yesterday, Diesel went back and forth with Kobe Bryant on Twitter and spelled Dwight's name incorrectly. Howard finally replied to all of it saying he was going to leave it be and not pay any attention to it.


Today, Shaq went on the Dan Patrick Show to talk about a wide variety of topics and as you can guess, Howard's name was brought up. Shaq cowered behind his Tweet from yesterday saying he meant a different Dwight and not Howard himself. Shaq also offered some veteran advice to the Lakers center saying "dig deep." He said if Howard fills his role well, the Lakers can easily win the title this year.

Shaq knows what it takes to win a championship with the Lakers so Howard would be wise to take his advice. The problem is that Howard's history with Shaq will probably keep him from listening too closely. 

Perhaps these two can finally touch base in the future and mend fences. Their beef has certainly run its course by now.