Shaq and Dwight Howard have been hating on one another since the 2000s so it's no surprise that the feud is still going strong. The beef seems to be a little one-sided these days as Shaq is constantly the one throwing shots at Howard, while the latter tried to deflect the comments and focus on his game. During a recent back and forth with Kobe Bryant on Twitter, Shaq threw even more shots at the Lakers star, misspelling his name and giving some disrespect in the process.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Howard was asked about Shaq's subtle disrespect and decided to be the bigger person. As Dwight explained, he didn't see Shaq's remarks and that he wasn't on IG to talk about the Lakers legend. Instead, Howard continued to talk about topics outside of Shaq.

Howard has been given a chance with the Los Angeles Lakers this season and fans are curious to see how he'll be able to live up to the hype. The Lakers are a team who could win the championship this year and this is Howard's chance to prove to people that he's changed for the better and can still be a solid player.

If Howard doesn't live up to expectations, we can be sure to hear even more slander from Shaq throughout the season.