Antonio Brown has been getting on everybody's nerves as of late and the Oakland Raiders have been the victim in all of this. They should have known what they were getting into with Brown but instead, they took a risk and now they're paying the price. After Brown got into a spat with the general manager, his days in Oakland could be numbered and the fans are fed up of the antics.

FS1 Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe is also sick of  Brown's behavior and on his show today, he let his feeling be known. Sharpe knows all about what it takes to be a star in the NFL and was incredibly critical of what Brown has done to himself throughout this entire process.

"There is no two sides to this story...The Raiders are going to suspend Antonio Brown," Sharpe said." They're going to void that $30M. He just cost himself $30M. Given who he is, I knew there was no way that they were making it two years. This is embarrassing."

There is no doubt that Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the league and Sharpe is well aware of that. It's been hard to see AB destroy his career in such a way and at this point, NFL fans just want him to better himself and focus on football.