Dwight Howard had been looking for an NBA team to sign him all summer and finally, it was the Los Angeles Lakers who ultimately gave him a shot. Howard is considered an older player in the league now and for most, he's half the player he used to be. Despite this, fans are optimistic that he can bring some solid defense to the Lakers and perhaps even some offense when they need him to unleash.

While some analysts aren't sold on the move, FS1's Shannon Sharpe is loving it. As we know by now, Sharpe is a huge LeBron James fan and by extension, he loves the Los Angeles Lakers. The former NFL tight end took to Undisputed where he explained just how good this move is for the purple and gold who had very little options at their disposal.


"I think Dwight's the best fit of the options they had: Dwight, Joakim Noah, Mo Speights, Marcin Gortat. If Dwight Howard's half of what he once was, he's better than what all of these guys may have been in their entire careers at their absolute best," Sharpe stated.

Only time will tell whether or not this move works for the Lakers, especially when you consider the variety of talent they have on the roster. It's about to be a very interesting season in Los Angeles.