Schoolboy Q is prepping his major label debut Oxymoron, and while he's already let go of a few features on the project, he still has at least one more feature to pursue to complete his vision. Q expressed a desire to have 50 Cent on the intro of his Interscope debut in a recent interview with Power 106, revealing that while the two have recorded many collaborations together, he's still waiting on 50 to drop a verse on the album's opening track. 

“See, this is the thing. Me and 50 [Cent] done did like a million records and he still didn’t do the verse I want [him to do],” he said of his "Can I Speak To You" collaborator, playfully suggesting that the Queens rapper has too many other business ventures going on to lock him down in the studio. “He too rich, man. He too rich. That’s what that means.”

While Fif is still confirmed to appear on the album, Q won't be satisfied until he gets him in for another session. "All the songs we did was awesome, but I want him on my intro, like the intro of [Oxymoron]. I'm waitin' for him to do it; he's just too rich.", joking about 50 being too busy shooting ads for Vitamin Water and Mountain dew to lay down the bars.

Watch the full interview below.