All Eyez On Me has another detractor in its midst.

The pervasive opinion in the hip-hop community seems to be that the new Tupac Shakur biopic is, to put it charitably, underwhelming, especially for those who were privy to the real-life legend's rise to stardom. That faction now includes one of Pac’s former collaborators, Scarface. The Geto Boys member spoke about the film at Chicago’s recent Classic Hip Hop Lives event.

"If MC Breed not in that movie, then it ain’t no real Pac movie. If the D.O.C. wasn’t mentioned in that movie, it’s not a real Pac movie. If that s**t wasn’t sanctioned by the people that grew up with Pac … I don’t know, bro," Scarface said.

"It ain’t feeding his momma, his momma gone," he added. "It ain’t feeding his kids, he ain’t got none. Who getting the money?" Besides the questionable profiting motives, Face also called on fans not to support posthumous releases bearing Tupac's likeness. "If a muthaf***a put an album out on me when I’m dead, don’t buy that s**t. When a muthaf***a tries to shoot a movie on me when I’m dead, don’t go see that s**t. Let me rest, man. I love Pac to death man but let that man rest."

Watch a clip of the interview below.