It took a long time but SAINt JHN is finally where he deserves to be.

The 34-year-old artist is having the best year of his career so far, winning big with his four-year-old song "Roses". The track took over the world this year, going viral on TikTok with Imanbek's remix, which has gone sixty-seven times platinum by his own accord

The multi-talented artist is about to strike with his new album WTWWB, which will be out next month and is expected to be his biggest release to date. He may have been scouting for production or collaborations because, this week, he visited Kanye West at his office compound to get a sneak peek at everything the billionaire is working on.

Getting a look at the upcoming YEEZY models and more, SAINt JHN was most excited about the 100-foot screen that Kanye has been continually showing off on social media.

Watching elephants walk on the screen, Ghetto Lenny said: "Yo, the scope of this in comparison to the couch is outrageous, fam."

Kanye replied that he should hold his next video release party there, which would actually be pretty sick.

As for the Sherp ATV that Kanye has also been parading around in, which he gifted 2 Chainz for his birthday, SAINt JHN is looking to pick one up, saying that it would like nice in his backyard.

The prospect of a Kanye x SAINt JHN collaboration has us reeling. Do you think they worked on music?