Sage the Gemini has not been doing well since he and Jordin Sparks broke up last week In a since-deleted Instagram post preserved by Bossip, he let Sparks know what she means to him and asked her to return to his open arms. The screencap is in the image gallery, here's the message in full:

"Can't sit here and act industry like this shit don't hurt me. You're the only girl I can call at 3 in the morning and you'll answer no problem. You the only girl that can wake up out of a dead sleep and get me some water because I was coughing in my sleep and the only girl that loves me the way you were supposed to. I miss you too much to watch you look so amazing at the Clyde Davis party and not be able to call you and express how much I appreciated the look because you won't answer nor text back the feeling is horrible. You see the picture? That's the picture of me lookin at niggas lookin at you and giving them the eyes like "wassup nigga" and you like it's okay babe and you makin me smile and feel just a little more secure about it. Lol it kinda reminds me of the picture of the little lady standing in front of the hulk and being the only one that can calm him down that's you ya know? But yea this shit is crazy I just want to tell you I'm still being a good boy just incase you come to your senses. Valentine's Day was supposed to be a special day I wanted to that to be our anniversary because it's your grandparents and maybe we could have double dated remember? Please call me back I just want like a hug and a kiss or something. Sincerely Dominic Wynn Woods."

Sage just dropped a song called "I'll Keep Loving You," presumably directed at Sparks... dude's life is in shambles right now.