Safaree Samuels has long adorned himself in animal fur, including an elaborate pink coat once spared by gun-wielding robbers. In fact, it's safe to say his passion for fur runs deep, so much so that he found himself in the middle of an ongoing "anti-fur-ban" protest. While many have spoken openly against the fur industry, Safaree actually took to the pulpit to deliver an impassioned speech, the likes of which the game has never seen. In fact, the passion with which he speaks may very well leave an animal willingly handing over its pelt in sheer disbelief.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Likening himself to Malcolm X, Safaree captions the crux of his main argument. "Thousands of jobs will be lost if this goes through for a lot of hardworking ppl! our choice out right," he explains, via Instagram. Yet the video itself is what really resonates. In the clip, Safaree sounds off in opposition to a New York fur ban, stating "how can these people have the nerve to tell us that we cannot buy, or these people cannot work and sell fur? That is absolutely ridiculous, and I'm not for it! That's straight-up bull! NO FUR BAN!"

There's no telling whether Safaree's words will carry weight, but it's clear his passion burns hot, like a fur coat on a summer day. Were you sitting in City Hall, might his impassioned cries not sway your position?