While Safaree has been making headlines this year, the reasons are admittedly unfortunate. The first instance arrived when a picture of his junk leaked onto the internet, causing an unprecedented and damn near inexplicable fervor. Recently, the rapper found himself making the news once again, this time, after being held at gunpoint. Now, security footage of the unfortunate robbery has surfaced.

Safaree, donning the pelt of Booster from "Jingle All The Way," can be seen approaching his vehicle in a parking garage. Unbeknownst to him, two armed robbers are lying in wait nearby, ready to kick off their premeditated attack. The two robbers then spring, accosting Safaree and one of his homies with guns drawn. They can later be seen rummaging through Safaree's coat, ridding him of whatever cash, jewelry and valuables he might have on his person. Afterward, they make him get on the ground, before fleeing the scene. Once the coast is clear, Safaree and his friend get up and run like hell.

Should you be interested in watching the harrowing event, the video has been made available below, via TMZ. The alleged robbers, Shawn Harewood and Jonathan Ricketts, currently remain in police custody. As the story goes, Safaree and Harewood actually know each other, which makes it seem like the attack is likely premeditated. Either way, they ultimately took an approximated haul of $183,000 dollars. Luckily, the coat was spared.