Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson hosted a Facebook Live from a barber shop and he used the platform to discuss President Trump's Muslim ban as well as his prediction that Trump won't last four years in the White House.

Wilson added that he isn't wishing anything bad on Trump, but he just really wants Barack Obama back in office and thinks that people are now starting to realize what we had in the former President.


"And so I think that’s the thing that’s been crazy already. I don’t know if [Trump's] even going to be able to last four years, in my opinion. You don’t want to wish bad upon anybody, because if he doesn’t last four years, that means that something went wrong. So hopefully nothing goes wrong any more than what it’s already doing. But it’s just been a crazy 10 days already."

"Despite anybody’s political issues or views, everybody has a right to choose who they want to vote for, but this thing’s getting out of hand," Wilson said. "It’s getting out of hand, people. ... When you think about, it’s only been what, two weeks? Or even less? We’ve got to attack this issue here. When you think about all the negativity that’s happened within a 10-day period or however many days it’s been, it’s already too much. It’s already crazy. It’s already affecting people’s hearts and souls and lives in such a negative way, in my opinion."

Wilson, who mentioned during the video that he voted for Hillary Clinton, had this to say in regards to Trump's executive order and all of the protests that have taken place in the last week.

"We go to the LAX airport, and there’s people all over the place fighting for their lives and protesting," Wilson said. "All the protests that have gone on through the African-American community, through obviously the Muslim community too, if we’re going to be a nation that says we’re equal, we have to be equal -- obviously being smart, all that kind of stuff. But you also have to be able to treat people fairly. You have to love everyone. And I know from even my own faith, the Christian faith, we still have to love everybody. We still have to. No matter what our issues are, we still have to find ways to love people and care for people."

Check out Wilson's barbershop Facebook Live video below.